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MICA is een nieuwe eenvoudige en volledige tool die TWO Consult ontwikkelde om op snelle, progressieve en coherente manier de aanmaak en het beheer te verzekeren van een reeks managementgegevens in de Microsoft SharePoint-omgeving.

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BPM and workflows with SharePoint

Yes, Business Process Management is possible with SharePoint ! TWO Consult has designed MICA, a tool for rapid development of applications in SharePoint. It makes user friendly BPM functionalities and superior form based workflows readily available in SharePoint Foundation or Server environments.

1. Process modelling

You simply use Office (e.g. Word or Excel) to draw process maps, make diagrams and prepare analyses of activities. You build up your process model database by filling in worksheets in which you put links to SharePoint documents and other modelling elements (actors, indicators, risks, etc.). The database is being kept up-to-date in SharePoint while business actors analyze and improve the process descriptions. They can query the database in search of valuable information such as : which activities involve a particular actor ? Which processes does a particular KPI contribute to measure ? Which competencies does a particular actor need ?
Then, using the MICA document management module, you maintain the versions of the process descriptions and publish the whole set ready for all the business parties to navigate between the BPM elements at their disposal.

2. Rapidly developing applications which combine forms and workflows (RAD tool)

If you want to automate critical processes by proposing business actors to use forms and documents managed by workflows, the Mica Editor provides you with an integrated set up to :

  • define the content ( e.g. field or ‘control ‘ definitions),
  • drop the fields into the templates of the user forms (you may also import the definitions and layouts using Excel),
  • draw the workflow diagrams and fill in complementary information (according to a powerful Workflow Coalition like taxonomy : activities, transitions, sub-flows, etc.),
  • specify the behavior of fields in the form according to the steps of the workflow,
  • design the views required to access the forms and documents.

The tool automatically generates the code corresponding to the workflows, forms and views, ready for SharePoint to give users access to the solution once it has been deployed and activated.
That’s it, in a twinkle of an eye, it’s so logical, nice and simple, both for designers and end users ! (for more detailed information see MICA platform for SharePoint).

3. Indicators and dashboards

MICA and TWO Consult’s expertise can also help you design and maintain KPI's (Business Process Indicators) : how to extract the data from the SharePoint workflows you prepared with MICA or from the company data bases, how to maintain that in WSS / SharePoint Foundation and/or use the Business Intelligence features of MOSS to prepare and post the indicators to the relevant people.

Contact us to request more information on ‘BPM and workflows with SharePoint’ as we propose.